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Required Prompt: Philosophy of Giftedness


I think that my philosophy of giftedness has largely remained unchanged since I first started this course. I looked back at the last entry I did pertaining to my philosophy from February 23rd, and I still agree with everything I wrote there.


I believe:

  • There is a difference between giftedness and talent. (Gagne)
  • You can be gifted in something without ever having developed the talent that goes with it. But certain factors come together and act on that giftedness, and talent is developed. (Gagne)
  • There isn’t any one way to be gifted.
  • There are many areas and ways in which one can be gifted, and they can co-exist. You can be both highly intelligent and highly artistic. You can be gifted in sport. You can be book smart. (Gardner, Renzulli,Tannenbaum, Sternberg, Gagne)
  • Gifted students often display task commitment (Renzulli).
  • Gifted people are born with the predisposition to be great in one or more fields, but these gifts need to be nurtured in order for them to amount to anything.

I believe that gifted students deserve to come into the school setting and have a safe place to learn and express themselves. We owe them the same opportunity that we afford to every other student – to realize their potential. They deserve to be in classrooms with their intellectual peers and have stimulating conversations and learning environments that go above and beyond the scope and sequence of the general curriculum. They need differentiated instruction in the classroom and pull-out programs, and depending on their area of giftedness may even be served best in a magnet school setting. Because gifted students may have social and emotional needs that differ from their age peers, they should have access to group and individual sessions with a school counselor to help them with their unique needs.


The one thing I will say that has expanded has been the way in which I feel I am able to actually help them once their in my classroom. I know now of so many more options than I did at the outset of this class, and I feel like I can actually make them happen. The one thing I might add now is that I would use the buzzword cluster grouping. Compacting also comes to mind. I think that before I felt like I was largely unequipped to handle these kids, but now I know that I can in fact give them an enriched and exciting learning environment. I don’t have to rely on a gifted resource teacher, I’ve got my own toolbox.

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“Required Prompt: Philosophy of Giftedness”

  1. Avatar April 20th, 2014 at 5:15 pm Laurie Abeel Says:

    “We owe them the same opportunity that we afford to every other student – to realize their potential.”
    — I like the way you stated this.

    “I don’t have to rely on a gifted resource teacher, I’ve got my own toolbox.”
    — Awesome! But – use that teacher too.. they really want to help! 🙂

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