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Differentiation Reflection (for March 18)


The differentiation activity we did in class showed me that I don’t have this down quite like I thought I did going into the activity. We found ourselves as a group not being respectful of the learners in our make-believe classroom when it came to thinking of the lower-achieving students. It wasn’t intended as such, and we even thought we were trying to step around that, but we still ended up there anyway. We thought that differentiating the product would be the easiest way to accomplish our goals, but we quickly found out that it was very tricky.

I think that the two areas I am probably going to be the most successful at differentiating in are content and process. Once you explained to us how to use the process to differentiate, I had an aha moment.  Kind of interesting, because at the outset I thought that would be the most difficult to do.

The reading on differentiation left my head a little fuzzy. The graphic on page 288 of our text made so much sense to me, and it made everything click. I think I’m going to copy this and blow it up and keep it in my desk!

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“Differentiation Reflection (for March 18)”

  1. Avatar April 20th, 2014 at 5:11 pm Laurie Abeel Says:

    It’s always interesting to see how my students try to differentiate and then realize that being respectful is so important! I am glad you saw that.

    Awesome that you liked the graphic.. Anything to help!

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