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Required Prompt: Questions/Concerns


I think that many of my questions were embedded into my previous reflection posts. However, I do still have some questions that I’m fairly confident will be answered in the next part of the course.

What exactly is differentiation? I don’t think I’ve seen it done correctly, if at all. I can explain it and understand the theory, but I want to know what it actually looks like. I want to see this in a classroom.

How do I serve these students? How do I, with my taxed resources and crunched time, actually help them out in my general education classroom? ¬†What if I recognize a student as gifted in an area that maybe my district philosophy doesn’t identify as giftedness? Am I obligated to try my best to nurture that gift with zero support and zero resources? What if I don’t know anything about it?

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“Required Prompt: Questions/Concerns”

  1. Avatar March 5th, 2014 at 4:46 pm Laurie Abeel Says:

    Yes – we will focus more on strategies after spring break.. I promise that it will help and hope to make differentiation something more manageable. But I do teach two courses focusing on strategies if you want more depth.. EDCI 543 – Differentiation for Gifted students – is a fall course; EDCI 542 – Models and Strategies for Teaching Gifted students – is a spring course. We will touch on some pieces of these courses in the coming weeks.

    As far as seeing a student as gifted in an area not served by your district – that’s when I would talk to the parent about outside resources. We will discuss some of those at the end of the semester too. But – you should always work with the GT resource teacher in your school. He/She really wants to support the classroom teachers and help in as many ways as possible.

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