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Required Prompt: Assessment of Knowledge of Gifted Learners


Coming into this class, I had very little working knowledge of gifted education. Looking back at my responses, I can see that I had my own little philosophy of giftedness going on, which was completely UNapparent to me while I was taking the assessment.

I think that in general, my responses to the questions dealing more with philosophy I was more sure of simply because they involved what I believed to be true about giftedness. I don’t need somebody else’s theory in order to form my own opinion, so background knowledge didn’t matter as much. Those answers seem to largely be 1 and 2 responses.

I was very wishy-washy about the characteristics of gifted children, giving most of those questions a 3 response. I never had much interaction with gifted kids growing up, and aside from their pull-out programs they seemed a lot like me. I wasn’t really aware of any special characteristics they had, other than being know-it-alls in school.

I didn’t strongly disagree with anything, most likely because I knew I didn’t know enough about the topic to be vehemently against anything that was asked. I did, however, have a couple of 4 responses. Looking at them now, I think that perhaps I wasn’t sure what those questions were really asking. In some cases, I just didn’t have any research or background knowledge to stand on, and they didn’t seem legitimate to me. If I were to take it again, some of those 4s would change.

Many of responses I can easily stand by, and some I’m still wishy-washy on. I suspect that as the course goes on, I’ll be able to answer these questions with a firmer yes or no stance.

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“Required Prompt: Assessment of Knowledge of Gifted Learners”

  1. Avatar March 5th, 2014 at 4:42 pm Laurie Abeel Says:

    Thanks for providing your rationale. I think many people are wishy washy at first too. ..until they learn more about these kids.. 🙂

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